I’m glad I missed most of this boring match. Chiara and I were out for dinner. I caught snatches of it on replay and it seemed pretty mediocre. The remarkable thing about it was the penalty shoot-out after an interminable silver goal period.
Shevchenko- Ukraines 1 man show. Shot stopped. This looks bad.
But miraculously, Switzerlands first penalty shot is stopped as well. In fact all of Switzerlands 3 attempts were denied (1 went over the crossbar), while Ukraine made all their next three to advance and face Italy in the quarters.

I always thought penalty shooting was easy. Big net. So close.
But Switzerland couldn’t do it. Ukraine could.

Let’s hope the game against Italy is an action packed barn-burner…

… The two games these teams played in today resulted in exactly zero goals in the course of action over the 3 and a half hours of play.