It’s been too long since I’ve been to a protest. Since I’ve protested. Maybe it’s because I’m getting older and more subdued, but it seems like it’s been many years since I gave full-throated support to a cause. Too fucking long. It’s good for a person.

The cause was the mismanagement of the university funds. And the accountability of the people responsible. Basically, we were there at Moorgate, to demand that the Board of Governors of London Metropolitan University resign. Here’s the Guardian recap.

But man, getting in on that protest felt good, because it was about injustice. It was personal, it was being part of something bigger, something that was right, and it was …invigorating.

Here’s the Save London Met blog

I don’t know if they have decided to resign yet, but I’m happy that our position was clear.

Here’s a shaky video taken shortly after the impromptu march into the Moorgate building where the B.O.G. was meeting.

UPDATE: Apparently they’ll resign this summer. Great. Although now seems like a much better time to shuffle off in embarrassment, so the mess can begin to be sorted out.