So there’s changes afoot in the US and A.

That is according to the most recent editions of Time and Newsweek. The common consensus is that Bush 43 has buckled and is calling in his fathers foreign policy advisors to assist him in extricating America from Iraq. Bush 41 appears to be maintaining his distance but recent appointments of loyalisyts from his administration are said to have “his fingerprints all over them.” Though Bush 43 still persists in his wrongheaded approach, the “thumpin'” he got at the polls has forced him to acknowledge he needs to at least appear to be listening to the electorate.

And the Dems are making some changes, which doesn’t shock me, but the character of the changes really demonstrate the depths of willful ignorance American politics had sunk. According to yesterday’s International Herald Tribune, California Democrat Barabara Boxer is set to become the chairwoman of the Environment and Public Works Committee. She favours manadatory cuts to emissions linked to global warming. It’s really a common sense appointment. She’s replacing Senator James Inhofe an Oklahoma Republican who called global warming “the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on mankind.” On the senate floor. And maintaining that position.

Now I guess he can have that opinion. Hell, there’s even people who can disagree with it, and still defend to their death his right to make it. But only in the most mixed-up of realities could a holder of that opinion be allowed to chair the Environment Committee of a global superpower?!?!

I can’t imagine the committee made alot of progress in reducing carbon emmissions. They maybe talked about how dinosaurs are fake, and how sweet it is to go golfing in December, but I can’t imagine they made real progress. In any direction except backwards.

Well, If that’s any indication of just how fucked up a government can become when you let one group of idiotic idealogues control all the decisions and appointments then let me say “God Bless America” for voting for some other idiots to come in and mix things up.

And good on the Americans for getting a message through to their dumb and dangerous leader, who canned one of the biggest jackasses in his cabal. Donald Rumsfeld. That guy sure made a complete civil-war-ravaged, prisoner-torturing, death-toll-mounting, divisive disaster of Iraq, but at least they didn’t “stay the

[wrong] course” for five long costly dangerous years.

Oh wait… what? They did?

Goddammit! I don’t know why they bothered trying to bring democracy to the Middle East when it was so clearly really what was needed at home.

But now that it’s back, it’s back with a vengeance. Back in the spring, perhaps smelling the winds of change, Bush convened a bipartisan Iraq study group with a license to come up with recommendations he may not like. Sure the committee wasn’t his idea, but it’s happening and there’s some high hopes pinned on it. Finally we can be allowed to hope some cooler heads might prevail.

In fact, we can only hope that “cooler” heads might prevail in the Environmental Committee as well, in that maybe that the problem of global warming might be faced head on instead of being dismissed as a crackpot conspiracy theory, by some crackpot.
In the end that might also reduce make recommendations to reduce US dependence on oil which could also be a good thing. Spur them onto tidying up there own backyard instead of blowing up somebody elses.

I hope the winds of change keep blowing jackassses out of power, and we have the fortune of seeing some sensible minds take their place.