I got in saturday evening. It’s now Tuesday morning and Vancouver has been true to form. Full of friends, laughter, improv…general goodtimes. And rain. It hasn’t stopped, really, since I arrived, but today’s the rainiest yet! Not something I really missed, but nostalgia plays with the true memory. Saturday night I had clubhouse sushi feast and revelry. Geordie brought me a “welcome home” balloon, Magda brought me fake flowers, Shep and Lea brought me from the airport. After 18 hours of travel I was pooped. So I took a well deserved 5 hour sleep break Saturday night and woke up to the dark. After false starting I went back to bed, actualy getting up at a more reasonable 7:30. I had coffee. I read Vancouver free papers and the Sunday Province.
Other things that happened
-Sunday Afternoon eggs benedict
-Oscar hotdog party with Dylan and Chelsea and co.
-Sunday improv at Wink Cafe . It was great, fun funny abstract small staged with Beil and Taz and I loved it.
-75 dollar renewed drivers license, fuck you very much
-Temporary Vancouver mobile phone
-New onsale trousersfrom the Bay
-Transcripts from SFU, the university I graduated from though I’ve never seen the physical degree. Wouldn’t know what to do with it anyway, I don’t have an office.
-Fun fondue going away party, washed down with some limoncello. good times.
-Urban Well improv: anticlimactic letdown after Sundays fun fantastic show. Probably shoulda stayed at the going away party for charades. The show wasn’t that bad, but after the church scene with the really old lady who sucks alot of dick and has AIDS and a bag of cocaine in her 80 year old vagina, I was with the audience and visibly wincing.

Today: Millar Family Reunion
Tomorrrow: Paint the baby’s room.