The Vatican is hard to get into if you’re not crazy about God in a Catholic way. I usually have no business for being in there. Except tour guiding, which takes me to only the museum and St. Peter’s Basilica. But today as I was walking by St. Ana Gate I realized I did have a reason: a prescription. One can get their prescriptions filled at Vatican pharmacy. And so I did.

Not much to report actually, except the boiling excitement inside of me knowing I was doing something I shouldn’t. Which isn’t true. And that at any moment something exciting could happen. Which also isn’t true. Besides the fact that the Vatican is basically a giant church (in which exciting things never happen), the Vatican pharmacy is just a pharmacy. They dispensed me some eye drops.

On the way out though I saw the wonder to end all wonders: The Vatican Supermarket. Infortunately, the screening device at the entrance prevented me access. In there exciting stuff goes down, I’m sure of it. It’ll be my next mission. But let’s be honest, that’s as low down the priority list as it is the possibility list, which is pretty far.