Popular online game World of Warcraft is starting to show more flesh… In more ways than one.

In China undead skeletons of a race called Scourge have been clad in flesh, and bare-boned corpses have been replaced by neatly laid out graves. This has been done willingly by the company licensed to represent WoW over there, in response to gevernment pressure.

Too bad they don’t investigate genuine concerns, such as, for example, the online slavery of Chinese WoW gold farmers.

They do however, definitely have the time to make sure Chinese players aren’t exposed to the horror of digitally rendered human bones. (!) World of Warcraft players, as you might expect, are furious at this latest example of Chinese meddling, I mean ‘harmonising’ in the online world.

On the other hand, if you think about it, more flesh isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Not always.

If you’re into WoW, and 8 million people are, then my guess is you’ll be pretty into Whorecraft . Whorecraft is pretty much what you might think. Porn for people who dig the World of Whorecraft. I mean World of Warcraft. I’m sort of torn about which one to try first.