We arrived at Sea-Tac in the cold, and made it to the Ace Hotel just in time to enjoy the whiteout from our hotelbed. Once we awoke, we slid around Seattle for days like so many soon-to-be decomissioned city busses.

Victoria was a soft white snowtown. Relentlessly. A journey up island finished with digging my dad out of the driveway. We built a snowfort on Christmas Eve.

Vancouver, the third portion of our journey was also snowtastic. And then again it snowed, only this time the City of Vancouver said ‘We already spent alot of money on snow removal, so we’re not going to remove this snow.’ Then the precipitation turned to rain and the snow turned to slush and my shoes turned to sog. Then it snowed again.

Needless to say, we’re looking forward to leaving this extreme (and extremely unusual) winter weather behind and head back to the comparatively sane climate of Belgium.

WHERE IT’S CURRENTLY 14DEGREES BELOW ZERO!!?! The coldest temperatures there in almost a decade. Fucking lovely.

Score yet another point for ‘Climate Change’, subtract two points from ‘Global Warming’ in the battle to be the most accurate term to describe weather trends.