There was really only one thing Chiara wanted to do in Canada, one special request: see some whales. Because we both knew Ryan was going to take over the trip slowly but surely with things he had to do, we went whale watching. The great thing about whale watching off of Victoria is that you’re practically guaranteed to see whales. We didn’t.

But still Chiara and I and my Dad had a great afternnon, and saw tonnes of seals (rock sausage, as they’re known) birds, huge crashing waves, and a few Dalls porpoises playing off our bow wake.

The other good news, besides the animals we did see, is that we can go whale watching again. Of course Seafun Safari wants us to see whales, and we can fly stand-by on one of their other boats, one, we assume, that’ll be seeing some whales. This we may do later in the week. I sure woulda preferred to see whales the first time, but nature just wouldn’t sing and dance for me, like that bitch should.

So Chiara’s dream comes true twice over in a holiday, I can’t see how I wouldn’t reap some reward from that. As well, there wasn’t really a sense of disappointment because we had a totally sweet boat ride. But the best thing, bar none, and the most exciting sighting yesterday was that of my nephew Roan.

I wanted to handle him like a professional uncle, but my style was amateurish and he could tell. Hence the crying. However, I showed marked improvement over the course of the evening,

and can only expect to improve even more when Roan and his Mom and Dad show up here at the Millar family vacation retreat (AKA Gramma’s house) for the rest of the week.

Little computer, more outdoorsy relaxing bookreading and snacking… and poker.