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I’m running a course through easylaughs starting next week called SP Squared. SP Squared stands for “Stage Presence & Solo Performance” and my goal is to turn the participants into powerful and confident (and playful) stage performers, although that confidence will certainly radiate out to other parts of their lives.

There are still spaces in the session as well, if you think developing a m,ore playful and dynamic stage presence is something that interests you! If you’re curious about what we’ll be covering, check the below video out.


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And here’s the blurb

Getting onstage is already brave, but how about learning to really own the stage, authentically? If that’s what you want to do, this is the course for you! I’ve seen lots of stand-up and improv in my time, and even amateur theater. And I think there’s space for more dynamism and presence in what people bring to the stage.

Introducing Stage Presence & Solo Performance: Solo improv, backline games, MCing a show, giving a speech, doing crowd work, telling true stories, handling a Q&A… We’ll cover it all to give you a strong foundation for powerful onstage presenting.

Throughout our six weeks together, we’ll draw on techniques from a wide array of sources in order to boost your confidence and overall stagecraft.

You’ll learn to embrace uncertainty, quell the pre-show jitters, and have more fun when it’s showtime. The skills you’ll acquire will of course be useful for performance, but the swagger you’ll develop will also radiate out to other areas of your life.

In SP & SP you will:

– Explore ways to be louder, quieter, bigger and smaller, and still draw in an audience

– Understand and develop your own onstage persona and hosting style

– Develop confidence in your own ideas and owning your onstage contributions.

– Practice handling uncertainty, changes, interruptions, and status shifts

– Play around with theatrical elements like blocking, focus, and transitions

Grab one of the last remaining spots