Napping is an excellent investment of your time. Lots of people question the point/utility/efficacy of naps, but they’re stupid. Or maybe just overtired. That’s really too bad for them. Because napping is both wonderful and easy to understand. It’s also easy to do.

Napping is just sleeping during the day. And nobody questions the value of sleeping, and everyone enjoys the daytime.

When combined, these two things become more than the sum of their parts: they become a super-charged opportunity to snooze. Against the grain, a little too, so it’s a little act of rebellion. So far it’s win-win-win. Plus, when you factor in the idea that scientists have done studies on napping to conclude that it’s good for your brain power and productivity, well, it’s case (and eyes) closed, as far as I’m concerned.

This short video of Craig Anderson, from the Ken Talks series, offers some pretty good insights on daytime resting. It’s called Remembering our Couches.


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Craig Anderson: Remembering our couches from Pikevideo on Vimeo.