Image from Wannabes flickr

My wife and I went to see the band Why? at the Botanique.

Why, you might ask. That’s not very funny, I would reply.

My only regret was missing Volcano!, the opening act. They’re described as an ecletic something, that defies something, and being really fucking something. A reviewer is also quoted as saying they make music that “would be the perfect soundtrack for the bible.” I can’t even begin to understand what that means, but it sounds epic.

The setting (Rotonde at Botanique) was intimate. Like a tiny amphitheatre. The music quirky, poetic and engaging. The drummer funny. As a bonus we got home at about 10:30pm, which for my ailing wife means we can probably do this midweek concert outing a little more frequently. Why? were great.

That’s Why. Smartass.