meditation and its benefits

There’s a great Zen saying that goes: “Meditate for 20 minutes a day. Unless you’re too busy, then you should sit for an hour.

I don’t meditate much, just a couple times a week, and for anywhere between 5-12 minutes. So I’m not someone to speak on the intensity, purity, frequency, or duration of a meditation practice. But I love this idea, and its succinct expression.

I’m so busy right now. More than usual, and certainly more than before having a baby. But especially in this period

  • Work has been crazy with some unexpected curveballs being hurled in my direction
  • I’ve been trying to wrap up the writing of my book
  • Prepping the Indiegogo campaign to launch at the end of August
  • Juggling freelance gigs
  • Doing administration for said freelance business (emails, invoices, VAT reports) family things like daycare pick-up and drop-off, and moving
  • Daycare pick-up and drop-off
  • Being present for Arya
  • Grappling with turning 40
  • Moving everything out of the reach of a little girl who is already walking even though she’s not yet 11 months!
  • Regular life stuff, like getting a haircut, finishing World War Z or buying new underwear

It all adds up to a packed life. So I don’t have 20 minutes a day to sit around doing nothing! ut then, according to this quote, that’s precisely why I should be doing just that! but then, according to this quote, that’s

But then, according to this quote, that’s precisely why I should be doing just that!

But in lieu of actual meditation, I’ve been taking breaks during the day. Going for a walk after lunch, stretching in the morning, reading before bed, putting my phone out of reach when I get home, spending time with my wife, hanging out with Arya, doing some cooking and baking, doing yoga on weekends… lots of little things.

Not a substitute for an actual meditation practice, but it all adds up. And these little habits combine to give me some space from the cycle of working, stressing, and being plugged in all day. For now it’s just for 20 minutes. But it’s a start.