There is no shortage of terrible Christmas music. In fact, most of it is objectively awful.

But I can’t help playing it. Even the stuff I hate I feel compelled to listen to, in order to bring a little bonhomie to holiday proceedings. I’m a sucker for Christmas music, though I recently found myself wishing for some that didn’t suck.

So thank the tiny Baby Jesus and his wee little manger for last year’s Christmas in the Heart – a reworking of standard carols by “Holiday” Bob Dylan.

But after listening that album to death last yuletime, I recently found myself in the market for some tunes to refresh my selection. And I found them, all in one place. Wild Xmas with Bomarr; the perfect mix of eclectic, entertaining, and mildly inaccessible Christmas tunes.

There are five (count ’em: 5) mixes for download.

I’m particularly feeling 2006’s 50 minute mix of “obscure and strange Christmas songs featuring Audio Two, Hasil Adkins, Crafty Ladies, Paska, Erlend Oye, Mojo Nixon,

[and] George W Bush.”

Although his brand new mix for 2010 features an electropop instrumental version of Good King Wenceslas that’s sweeter than a candycane, a drum n’ bass Lovely Sleigh Ride that’s guaranteed to warm your foot mittens, and a bad-ass cut-and-paste song called Bionic Santa that tells the story of the Fat Guy’s cybernetic rebuild post-terrible sleigh accident.

Pretty much solid gold, including country, dub, and beat-heavy orchestral standards, with plenty of maudlin anti-Christmas numbers and straight-up weirdness to keep your attention. So get on it, and annoy your relatives with some new and obscure Christmas tunes.

Also, the albums are all available for free download, but seeing how it’s the season, don’t be shy about leaving a few pence in Bomarr’s Paypal stocking.