I got home last night exhausted from a long weekend in Dublin. I went to bed. Of course, I wanted to stay up until 3am and watch Game 7 of Canucks vs Blackhawks, but I knew that would be folly. So instead I steeled myself for some mental willing-and-hoping-for-victory before I went to bed.

To begin putting that positive energy out into the world, I tweeted this: “I am applying all my psychic energies to willing a massive Game 7 victory. Go #Canucks Go!”

My friend Dylan replied almost immediately, putting me through to this article. No, I hadn’t read it. But when I did, I realized I’d been on the right path – the path to victory; I redoubled the amount of good vibes I was pouring into the atmosphere.

It turns out that putting out positive vibes and fervent hopes from afar was actually a strategy endorsed by the owner, who asked fans to “get that positive energy out.”

My positive playoff energy was already out, all over London. And then, on the weekend, all over Dublin.

I had suffered through the successive defeats from afar but – rather valiantly I would say – I refused to give up hope.

And Game 7 I put it all on the line, and online. My willing and hoping and positivity had reached fever pitch. And according to that article, even being so far away wouldn’t be a problem.

As Anna Golbeck, co-owner of Vancouver’s Vikings Dragons & Fairies says: “You don’t need to be there at all. You just have to remember that you have a mind and you can use it to influence and create the reality around you.” So I did.

I’m happy to report that it worked.

‘It’ being both my positivity and – also – the hard work, grit, passion, and belief of every single Canuck.