The World Cup is the planet’s biggest, most colourful and most fantasy-friendly tournament. (Code: 185181-44323). There are simply not enough pull-out supplements, fantasy leagues, or twitter feeds to slake my thirst.

Last time around, I spent some time in Berlin in the fan zones, and at the Olympischstadion to watch Croatia play Brazil. In fact, I blogged every single game of World Cup 2006. I also watched the final in Circo Massimo in Rome and partied like crazy when Italy won. Photos.

That experience will be tough to match or exceed. I don’t think this year I’ll be as immersed in the World Cup. Plus I’ve got lots of other activities and commitments to keep me occupied. I’m trying to budget my time accordingly – that’s the idea anyway.

But, once the South Africa – Mexico game gets underway on Friday 11 June, all bets are off.

NOTE: My decision to cheer for Italy last time around was not a brain-decision, it was a heart one. I didn’t know that they were my team until I watched them play their first game.

I’m expecting this year Italy will be my team again, but I’m not sure they’re all aligned for Lippi this year. He’s gone conservative and aged in his selections. I like them, but I’m just not sure about them. Also note this: four years ago I lived in Italy and they won the World Cup. That was an incredible experience. This year I live in England.

I’m not saying I’m switching allegiances, I’m just saying I like being at World Cup victory parties.

Actually, I just like the world Cup. Get your fever on.