OK so there’s this hockey mad country called Canada.It’s near America. They’re really good at hockey. In fact their Olympic teams are the reigning Gold Medal Champions. And their mens team, oh the heavily favored mens team HAS NOT SCORED A GOAL IN OVER 2 HOURS OF HOCKEY! Against Switzerland. And then shut out again against Finland. Nothing against those countries, they’re pretty good at hockey. But they’re no Canada. And right now, for them, that’s a good thing.

Yesterday evening I tuned into Olympic coverage of the Canadian Finland game. I’d been anticipating it all day. When SKY Sports tuned me in we were halfway through the third period and down 2 zip. That’s how it finished. Yuck.

That’s right Gretz, that’s right.

In other crappy sports news my favorite football team AS Roma just lost their star player Francesco Totti FOR TWO TO THREE MONTHS! He was cheapshotted as he often is. I saw the replay alot. It’s one of those sports injuries that can really induce a grimace when you see the unnatural bending of the body. In this case ankle.

And that was my Sunday.