Ryan is a professional writer

And we’re not just talking about his Master’s Degree in Professional Writing. Ryan has worked as a writer in all kinds of media. His experience as a copywriter includes writing short and long copy for clients as diverse as Levi’s, Shell, HEINEKEN, Microsoft, Diageo, O2, and ING.

In addition he has written feature articles for inflight and online magazines, scripts for corporate videos and sketch comedy shows, and opinion pieces for trade journals.

That’s a lot of writing

The range of experience means that Ryan can craft messages to suit the media, and knows which medium will match your message. Writing is about communicating, but copywriting is also about persuasion. Ryan’s ability to work in many different areas, in many different styles, means he knows how to find out what you really want to say, and how, and then go ahead and write it. And rewrite it. Until you’re happy.

It’s already written

Then let Ryan help you with the editing. In writing and communications, editing (and re-editing) is the most important step. As Malcolm Gladwell said, “The first eight drafts are terrible.”

There is no such thing as too many drafts. Writing and re-writing until every word, phrase, sentence and paragraph is well-crafted and does what you need it to, is vital. Don’t skip or skimp on this process. If you want to write, that’s great, but make sure you get an editor. Seriously.

Working internationally

Ryanryan millar copywriter thinking about writing something clever and persuasive has lived and worked in Canada, Italy, The Netherlands, Belgium and the UK. That means he has a lot of personal experience of being an expat. It also means he’s sharpened his understanding of some common mistakes that are made when people try to write in a language that is not their own. Or when people try to write in English for an audience of non-native English speakers.

The offer

Ryan’s copywriting services have the power to change business. As a creative freelance copywriter I have helped businesses reach out and communicate with their customers. Get in touch with me and let’s talk about how I can do the same for you.

Copy portfolio – Ryan Millar

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