I like my hip hop all mixed up with unlikely sources. I’ve talked about Jay-Z and Radiohead (Jaydiohead)vs the Grey Album. Both are enjoyable listens – for novelty, but also on their own merit.

So it is with Wu Tang vs The Beatles. Points also for the title: Enter the Magical Mystery Chambers. Download is here.

What is it that is so fucking enjoyable about mashing different styles of music up? For me it definitely goes back to Z-Trip, and the Future Primitive mixtape he made with radar back in 1998. I used to play it at the now-defunct Benny’s Bagels UBC, when I was working the graveyard shift.

But I guess for hip hop fans like me, who also appreciate an 80s anthem, 90s alternative, or the Beatles, Stones and other classic rock, there’s something especially clever about finding a big fat recognizable hip hop classic that can slip in behind and around an AM radio artifact.

Enter Enter the Magical Mystery Chamber. It’s a good listen, which deviates slightly from the formula, by sampling the artists, as well as the artists and Beatlemaniacs circa the British Invasion. It gives it a kind of historical document feel.

The beats, by Tony Caruana, have legs, and … aw, just give it a listen.

Other albums along the same vein which I’ve enjoyed are:

The Hood Mixtape Vol. 4

And also highly recommended is The Metermaids remix of their own shit with Surfjan Stevens Illinoise. Nightlife in Illinoise