I just did my first show at Boom Chicago last night. My first prime time show in their new space at the Rozen Theatre. And though I ended up just rehearsing during the day and then getting up there that night to do the show, it was great – a little raw – but tonnes of fun.

And last weekend I was in Brussels teaching workshops and then, on the Sunday night, debuting The Republic with Rod ben Zeev. And that show, a two person single narrative longform, could hardly be more different from last night’s show.

But coming as they did so close to one another, I was struck by how much I enjoyed each of them – for their differences and similarities.

And by extension, how much I love the improv – not that I’d forgotten.

But whether it’s well-polished shortform and sketch with a high energy group of actors, or a more character-driven two-handed comedic play like last Sunday – or even this Sunday’s solo show in London at The Wilmington Arms as Marbles, I just enjoy the make-em-ups. And I am lucky enough to be in a period of a whole lot of it – in the form of teaching, travelling and shows.

During yesterday’s rehearsal for last night’s show we practiced a guessing game called Three Things. It’s a high energy, challenging and super fun game, involving outlandish tasks, mime, gibberish and a countdown clock.

After we finished the rehearsal Michael OT – former Boom cast member and current UK-based improviser said “I love that game it’s lots of fun!” Then he paused, thought a moment, and then corrected himself “Or maybe I just like improv.”

I had to agree with him.