Started with Loverboy. Brad and Maria and Ryan and Chiara in Vancouver BC.
Moved to April when I, with very little fanfare, achieved my BA in Communications from Simon Fraser University along with my Community Economic Development Certificate.
A week later I was being stripped to the boxers and stripped of my glasses and dignity by friends who dragged me to an island to have a manly Canadian send off, involving foosball, geese, clay and other stuff.
Then I took a plane to Europe, wandered around having pints in London with David Frederick Symonds, got back on a plane and ended up in the arms of Chiara in Rome Italy.
Very soon thereafter (after being denied the opportunity to teach English to these Italians) I began work as a tour guide in this big old city. All summer was spent hustling the tour guiding. Much time was and still is being spent getting used to the city, the language, the people, the culture etc. The Italians call foreigners stranieri and it’s often an accurate description of how I feel. However I’ve made a few friends, many of whom are fellow stranieri. Many of whom have returned to their respective cities.

Then I did more tour guiding. Went on holiday with Chiara to Amsterdam where I got to tread the Boom Chicago boards once again, and then back to Rome.
Also, Chiara and I moved, very recently. I got a new jacket. My Italian is improving, though not necesarily in that order. PLus I got a Playstation. Imagine all of this as more exotic. Please.

Greater examination of the trends show that I’ve rapidly adapted to having alot of disposable income. It took no time at all for me to get used to having money to blow on dinners, clothes, student loans, etc. Also, learning this Italian has caused me to come up against two weaknesses, laziness, and ego. I don’t always feel like hitting the books, though I get tired of not understanding everything that happens around me. Bit by bit it gets better, though I’m not as good as I’d like to be. And for every experience where somebody is surprised and impressed by my prowess there’s two where somebody stares me in the face and says “Che cosa!?!” Back to the textbooks. Maybe.