‘Yo what happened to peace’ is a touring art exhibit of anti-war, anti-Bush pro peace posters. The curators have assembled an awesome, witty, diverse, challenging, and inspiring collection of posters.
My friend Filip from Levis invited me down to the vernissage (as French people like to call an art opening). He actually didn’t make it, due to landlord issues, but I sure did. I spent the better part of an hour at the dope street wear shop with the terrible, terrible name of Mr. Ego. Mr Ego hosts monthly art shows in their permanent exhibit space. And they serve free promo booze (which wasn’t very good, in this instance, but gives the scenesters who stand outside something to do with their other hand while they smoke).

And I was able to go back and forth taking in the art and poking through the sale goods. Taken from a big picture perspective the collection is a splash of colour and clash of styles: cartoons, slogans, text-based, photo-based, bold and intricate. But each work requires a moment of concentration and reflection which can be overwhelming after a while. Fortunately I had the shoe and shorts sections to check out when I needed a breather.

I’m going to go back today, because I didn’t buy a sweet pair of sale shoes I should have and am experiencing some non buyers’ remorse. Also I plan to make a purchase of one of the posters, frame it and throw it up in the living room.
Thanks for being relevant, cool and inspiring, and answering the question that is the title of the exhibit: “Peace hasn’t gone anywhere, in fact, it looks better than ever.”