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About Ryan Millar

Ryan is a comedian, speaker coach, writer/editor, and awesome dad. His first book is called: "TAKE IT EASY: And More Tips for the Dedicated Improviser".

In praise of idleness

I'm driven. I devour productivity hacks, I devote a lot of mental space to doing more, building habits, setting goals, being more efficient. Even things like meditating and yoga, which I should really do as

By |2021-08-22T13:59:29+00:00August 22 2021|

Just taking it easy

Life is good. As I type this I'm sitting in the living room of my father-in-law's weekend house in the hills of Umbria. The girls are playing by the pool, and I'm about to join

By |2021-07-24T10:30:09+00:00July 24 2021|

Setting up a Helium grid

So, I'm a Helium miner now. If you were like me three weeks ago, that sentence would make no sense to you outside the context of a sci-fi novel. But sometimes, when you're in a

By |2021-06-30T11:51:55+00:00June 30 2021|

Ryan Millar, handyman?

  I'm not much of a handyman. In fact, I dedicated a whole episode of my podcast "Remote Pep Talks, with Ryan Millar, to the subject of craftsmanship and the value of creativity in manifesting

By |2021-05-09T12:54:06+00:00May 9 2021|

The 30-Day Planking Challenge

  Today was the final day of a 30-day planking challenge, which I joined at the behest of my colleague Robbert Slooten. It was a long sweaty grueling challenge, which we documented via videos we

By |2021-04-09T10:23:36+00:00April 8 2021|

The value of the tongue twister

Tongue twisters are often thought of simply as a fun way to pass the time on a long car ride with children, for example. But they're actually an articulation exercise that helps you learn to

By |2021-04-02T12:47:16+00:00April 2 2021|

Sweating the right stuff

Don't sweat the small stuff. Unless it's small stuff that matters; the details that really add value. James Clear, author of Atomic Habits, puts it this way: "People who excel tend to obsess over the

By |2021-03-26T20:29:32+00:00March 26 2021|

Seven more ways to build your charisma

I've been studying charisma for many years now. It started once I had been teaching public speaking masterclasses for Guardian Masterclasses for a few years. I realized that, as valuable as public speaking sessions are

By |2021-03-02T11:46:55+00:00March 2 2021|

The spirit of “festina lente”

The Latin phrase "festina lente" means to make haste slowly. "But that’s an oxymoron!" you cry. Yes, it is. Sort of. The true meaning of this phrase is that you need to find a balance

By |2021-01-26T21:32:39+00:00January 26 2021|