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Ryan is a comedian, speaker coach, writer/editor, and awesome dad. His first book is called: "TAKE IT EASY: And More Tips for the Dedicated Improviser".

2018 – Year in Review

Ever Better, a one-man show by Ryan Millar. Photo by Robin Straaijer A year-end review is a good thing to do. Not necessarily because it makes good reading (although if you happen to [...]

2019-01-03T15:37:20+00:00January 3 2019|

Your Christmas playlist

Looking for some Christmas music? I've got you covered, with a Spotify playlist custom-crafted with new versions of old classics, and a tidy selection of modern soon-to-be classics. Oh, and a few original classics are [...]

2018-12-19T21:22:27+00:00December 17 2018|

Ever Better – wrapped up

Ever Better, a one-man show by Ryan Millar. At Mezrab November 2018. Photo: Robin Straaijer I did a new show! On 6 November 2018, I did the very first public performance of a [...]

2018-12-14T22:12:22+00:00December 14 2018|

11 good reasons to learn improv

There are plenty of good reasons to learn improv. For example, the below list details some parts of our personality and constitution that are strengthened and enhanced by the practice of improvisational thinking. 11 things [...]

2018-12-08T20:47:22+00:00December 7 2018|

Solving the Rijksmuseum

  If you know me, you know that I love art, puzzles, augmented reality, games and cool experiences in general. So I spent some time visiting the Rijksmuseum this morning, solving the difficult version of their [...]

2018-08-24T15:11:54+00:00August 24 2018|
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