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About Ryan Millar

Ryan is a comedian, speaker coach, writer/editor, and awesome dad. His first book is called: "TAKE IT EASY: And More Tips for the Dedicated Improviser".

I wrote a book of nursery rhymes

  So, I wrote a book of nursery rhymes. Here's how that happened: After working for almost a year on a book that would encapsulate my extensive knowledge on public speaking and presentation skills, I

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What is SP Squared?

  I'm running a course through easylaughs starting next week called SP Squared. SP Squared stands for "Stage Presence & Solo Performance" and my goal is to turn the participants into powerful and confident (and

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Stage Presence & Solo Performance

  I recently posted a blog about the idea of challenging yourself and how that leads to acquiring new and better skills. And that reminded me of another upskilling opportunity for me, and for you

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Learn to like what you get

I sometimes tell my kids the following refrain: "We get what we get and we don't get upset". I like to think it helps them deal with disappointment and frustration. I'm not sure it works,

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An important lesson from Martin Short

Martin Short (Marty to his friends) is regarded as one of the best talk show interviews ever. He's guaranteed to bring playful engagement, rich banter, and pure joy to each and every appearance. What's his

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Dive Into The Breaks

I've been on holiday in Italy for a few weeks. Here's a selection of things I've done: - Gone hiking in Monte Pana - Gone swimming in pools and the sea - Taught nursery rhymes

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Saying “Yes, And” to Reverie

PHOTO: Alejandro Loar "Oh, you're a confident presenter, are you, Ryan? Why don't you get on stage and prove it then?" That wasn't how the invitation came, but that's what it felt like,

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