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About Ryan Millar

Ryan is a comedian, speaker coach, writer/editor, and awesome dad. His first book is called: "TAKE IT EASY: And More Tips for the Dedicated Improviser".

The Christmas Business Playlist

"If music be the food of love, play on." So says Duke Orsino at the beginning of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. He wasn't of course, referring to the yearly holiday playlist I make. Though he could've

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Writing a book ain’t easy

So... making progress on a book isn't easy. I know this because five years ago when I wrote my first book I got very excited when the manuscript was complete. What then happened was I

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Get yourself a swipe file

  The average person has about 40,000 thoughts a day. That's a lot of thinking to wrangle! How do you keep track of all the cool stuff you think (and see) that you want to

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Writing makes you a better thinker

  The greatest outcome of learning to write well isn't that you're better able to communicate with others. Writing's most powerful outcome is its impact on your thinking. Writing supercharges your ability to understand your

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My scariest Halloween

My scariest Halloween wasn't the one where I got the most scared. It was the one where I gave the most scares -- as a professional scare actor deep within the London Dungeon.  Halloween is

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What The Bear can teach us about storytelling

We just finished watching The Bear on Disney+. It's excellent. Full stop. It’s also a great illustration of a principle that we discussed in my recent online storytelling workshop: juxtaposition. Having contrast in your story

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One year to change everything

20 years ago I hopped off the train and popped out of Amsterdam Centraal Station. I was still a little fuzzy from the valium I'd taken on the plane. I wandered, extremely overawed, to a

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Alphabet of the City

PHOTO CREDIT: Jessica Hast / Unsplash For two weeks I’ve been biking across Amsterdam twice a day. Once in the morning to take my five-year-old to camp by the Vondelpark. And once again

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