ryan millar red background amsterdam improvRyan writes short film scripts, plays, feature articles, short fiction, true stories, comedy sketches, songs and other stuff as well.

For clients

His experience as a copywriter includes writing short and long copy for clients like Levi’s and Alexander & James and the Tropen Institute.

In addition he has written and edited numerous scripts for corporate videos, sketch comedy shows, and independent short films. Clients for this work include Shell Technology Centre, HEINEKEN, Microsoft, and ING, among others.

He currently works as the Senior Copywriter and Head of Content for Dutch scale-up Tiqets.


Ryan has written numerous feature articles, his regular blog, an award-winning play, two one-man shows, comedy sketches and stand-up comedy, as well as many short stories.

He’s currently working on a collection of short stories, and his first book TAKE IT EASY™ – and more advice for improvisers is in the editing stage and will be published in spring 2018.

Backstage at El Maestro 2017 PHOTO: Keef Williams

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