Hosting IMPRO Amsterdam 2015. PHOTO: Seth Carnill

Events & Shows

Ryan creates, produces, hosts and performs in cultural events and comedy shows. He does this for himself, and for clients.


Selected highlights

Ever Better – In this solo storytelling comedy show, Ryan explores some personal milestones and unpacks what ties them all together: his desire to be a better person in the future (and his ability to really screw things up in the present).

Anson Dashwell’s Toughest Case – In this piece of interactive theater, a hard-boiled wise-cracking, down-on-his-luck detective meets his match: the audience. For this show, everyone, from dangerous dames, mob bosses, and police chiefs on the take is played by the audience. There’s no other show like it.

Big Ideas Show – In this comedy chat show Ryan and co-host Rob Allen tackle scientific and philosophical ideas, to help us all make sense of the world. Each episode has an expert guest and explores a new topic. Past topics include Space, Animal Kingdom, Witchcraft & Wizardry, and Artificial Intelligence.


I once hosted a rap battle in the European Parliament in Brussels

Themeprov – These monthly improv events at Mezrab were curated and hosted by Ryan.