As is both customary and appropriate at this time of year, I’ve done some number crunching and general blog review, and compiled some of the  most popular posts from the past year, added in a couple that I am quite proud of, and presented it as ostensibly new content, when it is really nothing of the sort.

It does, however, save you the annoyance of scrolling through pages of this very blog, reading all of the mediocre or underloved pieces of content, to find the ones that you might really enjoy.

No need, my friend! Instead you can just relax and read some of these handily aggregated posts, which were most clicked upon. Enjoy.

1. Commit, dammit! In all your stuff ~ A piece on the importance of commitment.

2. Nobody’s PerfectMostly just a link to my rap video.

3. To beg, borrow and steal ~ Some thoughts on artistry, creativity and influences.

4. An ideal workday Imagine if you will, what your perfect day of work would be like.

5. Las Vegas: everything in excess ~ Some impressions of Sin City (Spoiler alert: I liked it)

6. Performers: be yourself ~ Musings on the utility of authenticity in performance.

7. 12 tips for the creative freelancer ~ This listicle of useful advice was one of the most popular things on this blog last year.

8. 10,000 hours more or less ~ Looking at passion’s place in excellence, with reference to the recently debunked 10,000 hours rule.

9. Beautiful justifications; wabi sabi ~ I almost always stay true to my ethos: “never leave the house dirtier than when you started cleaning it.”

10. Getting lucky ~ Actually an article I wrote for Alexander and James, but still, a pretty good piece.

11. A journey through South Africa ~ One of the highlights of the year was traveling to South Africa with Chiara. Here’s the recap.