PHOTO: Olli Heinanen

As you may or may not know I’ve got a relatively new pan-European improv project that I’m really excited about.

Part improv duo, part freestyle goofabout, this supergroup is me and Trent Pancy (and when fortune allows,Sacha Hoedemaker on piano). Together we are Milly Can Rap.

Our show is a fluid collection of interconnected scenes and tangential flights of fancy, with a hearty dose of freestyle rapping and beatboxing. Like all good improv, the whole project was unplanned, but the hip-hop element brings a certain manic energy, also providing a vehicle for character development as well as provoking all kinds of discoveries. The show is really fun for us, and judging from the reactions, the audiences love it too.

So far we’ve performed our improvised throwdown in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Brussels, Tampere, and Helsinki. We’ve got our sights set on taking it farther afield in the future. Our new website is up and ready But our biggest announcement is one for a show closer to home.

Next week, Thursday 29 January, we’ll be playing the mainstage at 20th anniversary of IMPRO Amsterdam. That means Trent will be in town, and we can hang out, plus we get to be a part of this incredible festival.

If anyone wants to come see some sweet freestyles and fresh improvisation, well then this is the show for you. And come down on other nights too, the whole damn programme is fantastic.