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Milly Can Rap rides again

PHOTO: Olli HeinanenAs you may or may not know I've got a relatively new pan-European improv project that I'm really excited about.Part improv duo, part freestyle goofabout, this supergroup is me and Trent Pancy (and

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A proper start to the new year

This post originally appeared on Alexander and James. When you're done here, head there and have a read, and buy some spirits while you're there.January comes in like a lion. As do many people; marching at

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A few favourite posts from 2014

As is both customary and appropriate at this time of year, I've done some number crunching and general blog review, and compiled some of the  most popular posts from the past year, added in a

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A journey through South Africa

The flight to Johannesburg is eleven hours. As far as flights go, that's pretty long. As far as anything goes that's pretty long. The good news is that, on top of that flight taking me

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Airport times

I was in Barcelona last week for The BIG IF # 2 (which was a hell of a fine improv festival, with great shows, people, workshops and general times, from beginning until end).When I was

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Getting Lucky

I've been thinking a lot about the idea of 'getting lucky' (in the superstitious – not biblical – way). I think it has a lot to do with how much of the reading about business I've been doing, boils down to

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Beautiful justifications: wabi-sabi

Design from Lost in Translation by Ella Frances SandersMy favourite jeans have a pronounced wallet fade, and a hole in the pocket that's been resewn almost a dozen times. They look great. They look, and feel,

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