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All in one week

I feel like I've been relatively on hiatus from my 'normal' life, as I get settled into some writing work and the rhythms of the more-or-less regularly employed.And so far it's been pretty decent. I

By |2015-02-03T15:51:17+00:00September 9 2014|

10,000 hours (more or less)

Practice makes perfect – in theory.Or perfect practice makes better, according to my high school volleyball coach. But in both versions of this peptalk, there is a direct correlation between practice and improvement (or hours

By |2017-09-14T08:43:39+00:00August 22 2014|

A quick blast of Fringe

An idea formed in my mind some months ago: a sneaky return to the Edinburgh Fringe. Not an actual run, but a couple performances, a few guest spots, some visiting with friends and seeing a

By |2017-09-14T08:43:39+00:00August 15 2014|

A new year, a slight pivot

We're over the halfway point of the second calendar year of my Amsterdam Programme.That 'programme' is sort of generally my life here: working as a creative freelancer, and pursuing writing and performing professionally. It's been

By |2017-09-14T08:43:39+00:00August 2 2014|

12 tips for the creative freelancer

Fields of flowers at sunset can be so relaxing I've been a 'creative freelancer' for a while now: in fact, ever since we moved to Amsterdam eighteen months ago. And it's going alright. Pretty well, even.I've

By |2017-09-14T08:43:39+00:00July 28 2014|

Return to the Edinburgh Fringe

For two shows only, I'll be at the 2014 Edinburgh FringeI'm pleased to announce, more or less more officially (I'm pretty sure a blogpost qualifies as an official channel), that I'll be back in Edinburgh

By |2017-09-14T08:43:39+00:00July 25 2014|

So Corfu-sed

I'm just back from Impro Hotel in Corfu, and I'm still completely Corfused.I was definitely in another world for a full week - and that world was full of sun, laughs, delicious homemade meals served

By |2017-09-14T08:43:39+00:00July 22 2014|

Performers: be yourself

As straightforward as it can get. I've started teaching a new workshop this Slapdash Festival, named "Get Real". It's called that because it's a snappy title (if I do say so myself), and also to help

By |2017-09-14T08:43:39+00:00June 25 2014|

Words, words, words

Words. That's how people communicate. With their mouths, their minds, their keyboards and even their pens. Mouthing the sounds or drawing the shapes of letters that together form words. These words, once written or spoken,

By |2015-02-03T15:52:20+00:00June 23 2014|